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Many of us have a logic defying tale of something interesting, rare, or just plain crazy that we've seen while gambling. You, too? Jump over to Your 2 Cents and do tell!

Yo, how many?

Sometime in the 1970's my grandmother was shooting craps on Fremont Street in Vegas. I believe it was at the Golden Gate. She wasn't exactly a high roller or even a gambler, she was just tagging along with my dad on one of his many visits to Glitter Gulch. 

When it was her turn to roll, she bet the Pass line and tossed a buck on Eleven. Sure enough, "fifty-six" popped up right away.  Then a second time....and a third. The crowd grew excited. Two elevens in a row were rare enough, but three?  A few players tossed their chips on the "yo lev" and were rewarded for it. The Eleven bet is good for one roll and pays 15 to 1.

After four elevens, the crowd was going crazy. Anyone and everyone who could squeeze in placed a chip on eleven.


My grandmother rolled eleven Twenty-One times in a row that day.  I kid you not!

Had this happened anytime recently the house probably would have stopped the game to inspect or change the dice, conduct some type of investigation, or even close the table (I've seen it done), but no, they let it proceed.


A lot of people made BIG BUCKS that day. My grandma? She only made $315 off that streak. How can that be? Didn't she press her bet at some point? She would have made thousands of dollars! No. She only played one dollar every...single...roll. 

- JY

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