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NVPC is a Las Vegas-based group founded by a former TV & Radio host, created for adults who are passionate about a common interest. Our focus is Video Keno, but we love it all - from 3 Card Poker to Craps & Baccarat to riding the High Roller, zip lining, hiking Red Rock Canyon & beyond.  There are links on our menu above to all kinds of adventures. As we try things, we'll post related info, so watch this space for new blogs, comments by fellow Nevada players, links to videos, and more.  

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Hi, my name is Jeff Young. I'm a long-time Nevada visitor turned local resident who created NVPC in 2019.

When I was growing up in California, my dad designed systems for craps players. We lived in L.A. but found ourselves in L.V. most weekends. While he rolled dice, I explored the city, until I was old enough to play. Later in life, after working  in various branches of the media, interviewing everyone from Taylor Swift & Toby Keith to the Taco Bell Chihuahua, hosting events like The World's Largest Wedding & opening day at Disney's California Adventure, as well as playing pop, rock, country & Motown on radio stations far & wide, I finally decided to settle in L.V. & add my perspective to the legion of bloggers 'n' vloggers who enjoy sharing what they love most about Vegas & the Silver State. I arrived just in time for the big shut down! Happily, timing isn't everything. Patience is a big part of it, and I have that to spare, so I stuck around until it seemed like the right moment to officially set-up shop. Well, OK, it may never be EXACTLY the right time, but I don't have THAT much patience, so here we are! 











NVPC mostly covers casino games, but we also talk about & make videos of playing in the desert, parks, canyons, & hillsides of Nevada. I hope you'll find reasons to stick around. Thoughts to share with us? Review our blog posts, then toss in "Your 2 Cents" (even if you haven't read our posts). Thanks for stopping by!  Hope to chat soon.

 - Jeff Young

Founder-Publisher- President, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

Email jeff@NevadaPlayersClub.com

Review info & audio from Jeff's media career here.


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What do YOU love to play in Nevada, and why? Would you rather visit casinos, hike a canyon, ride a zip line, or do it all? What should other players look for when it comes to Silver State slots, sights, sounds and surprises? Share your wins & play tips. If there's something you want us to do, or to investigate on your behalf, please let us know. We'll give it a shot, or let you know why not. Thanks! 

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